6 easy ways to have more popcorn in your life

Popcorn in the morning, popcorn in the evening, popcorn at dinner! This summer, don’t let popcorn get boring. Put a spin on the way you’re eating it with these 6 easy popcorn treat recipes.  

Popcorn Treat Recipes

Get popcorn treat recipes below.

Asian-Style Chicken with Popcorn

Get your Asian flavor fix by trying this Asian-Style Crusted Chicken


Yogurt Parfait with Popcorn

No one knows when the Greek yogurt revolution started, but it’s definitely here.
Who knew popcorn and Greek yogurt would taste so good?

Salty Snack Bars with Popcorn

Anything with the words “salty caramel” is a winner in our book.
Try a sweet and salty bar full of pretzel pieces, caramel-peanut butter glaze and you guessed it: popcorn.

Turtle Candies with Popcorn

Coated caramel popcorn, pecans, and melted chocolate never tasted so good…
or looked this cute.


Cherry Crunch with Popcorn

Enjoy popcorn snack ideas with a little pop of color.
This cherry-flavored glazed popcorn recipe makes a sweet crunchy treat
for special occasions or snacks.


Pancake Batter with Popcorn

Breakfast and a movie? Yes, please!
Get the recipe here for Popcorn Pancakes.