How to Make Perfect Popcorn

Any fan of Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet® Popcorn will tell you, learning how to pop popcorn correctly is the secret to one of life’s best-tasting snacks: light and fluffy popped kernels with a satisfying crunch. Here are all the popcorn popping tips we’ve learned over the years—simple steps to help you get the best possible pop.

Popping Standards

  1. Check Your Popcorn’s Shelf Life

    Make sure your popcorn is fresh by checking the "Best By" date on the carton or bag.

  2. Start with Clean Popping Tools

    To get the best results popping popcorn use a clean microwave oven, popper, or kettle every time.

  3. Pop Your Popcorn to "Sound"

    The temperatures of microwave ovens, stoves, and poppers vary, so always cook your popcorn to "sound"—listen and when the popping slows, you know it’s time to stop.

  4. Shake for the Best Popcorn Taste

    Before you open a bag of popped microwave popcorn, quickly shake it to coat the popcorn with flavor. Then open or vent the bag immediately to maximize crispness.

  5. Store Your Popcorn for Freshness

    Store popcorn out of direct sunlight in a cool place, such as a cupboard. Some say storing popcorn in a cold refrigerator makes it taste better, but many refrigerators contain little moisture and can dry out kernels. Always keep your popcorn bags sealed in the original plastic wrapper until you're ready to begin cooking.